By T. Alexander

Initial Fashion Consultation

Invest an hour of your time with us to discuss your fashion likes and dislikes, lifestyle, personal style as well as review your current wardrobe.

Let us assist you in enhancing your style goals and collaborate on strategies to improve your current image or perhaps create a new one. With subtle, sophisticated or trendy changes you can shine, dazzle or impress to your heart's content!

Wardrobe Analysis

We will analyze and assess your current wardrobe and recommend the purchase of new pieces that will complement and stretch your clothing combinations. We help you define your individual style using color palettes and unique aesthetics. We will show you how to wear and create outfits with the clothing you currently own, combining and re-purposing items to help you define your individual flair and style.

(Please allow up to 3 hours per session)

Virtual Styling

Thanks to technology, styling is no longer limited to in-person appointments. Skype, email, and a variety of programs allow us to create special looks and make recommendations for clients anywhere in the world.

Wardrobe Edit

Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task. Let us help you identify which items to keep, donate, and discard so you can have an organized and functional wardrobe!

Special Occasions and Engagements

Do you need an outfit to attend a black tie soiree, a fabulous wedding, or a company-sponsored event? Having difficulties figuring out what to wear? Take advantage of our expertise in creating the perfect outfit, with accessories, to give you the look and confidence for that all-important affair. To polish and complete your image, we can even recommend professionals to provide hair, make-up and nail services to complement your new look.

Vacation and Business Trips

Do you find it difficult and overwhelming to pack for a vacation or a business trip without taking your entire closet? Do you find yourself taking too many items and not enough of another? We take the worry and guesswork out of it and create complete looks based on the length, destination and purpose of your trip. We will shop your closet first and, if necessary, shop for new complementary pieces and accessories so that all you need to do is check your bag and enjoy your time away.

Personal Shopping

Based on the results of your Initial Fashion Consultation and Wardrobe Analysis, we will develop a strategic plan prior to shopping with proper attention to the following areas:

  • Personal Budget
  • Specific Shopping List
  • Appropriate Stores or Boutiques

We offer different options of the shopping process and can accompany you or go shopping specifically for you! We offer advice on how to invest in quality items that will allow you to build a solid wardrobe that will take you anywhere you want to go.

(Please allow up to 3 hours per session)

Note: Pricing determined by services rendered - contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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